The Story Behind the Textbook: The Cost of Creating Course Materials

Behind that expensive textbook your college kids just charged, is a team of writers, editors, instructional designers, graphic designers, developers, compositors, marketers, and more.

The cost of creating high-quality learning materials is significant.

The Association of American Publishers collected real metrics based on the production of Pearson's Campbell Biology, 10th Edition and published the following infographic:

From the Association of American Publishers. Used with permission.

We work with publishers and content providers and understand that managing costs along with content is imperative.

From content creation to XML, we provide full-service editorial and production teams that include instructional designers, subject matter experts, editors, and writers. Whether it’s core textbook work or supplement creation and management, we can help.  Cenveo's Higher Education content team has experience managing textbook production and digital product creation, from setting up projects and working with authors to finalizing content. Want to discuss some of the ways we can help your production team?