Peer Review Management Services: Ensuring the Integrity of the Scientific Publishing Process

Cenveo Publisher Services now offers peer review management as a service. Journal publishers depend on the peer review process to validate research and uphold the quality of published articles. With deep expertise in scholarly publishing, our staff is fluent in all peer review models as well as the nuances of major peer review systems.

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Our mission is to support both commercial and scholarly journal publishers with services that ensure editorial excellence while demonstrating time and cost savings. Peer review management fits well in our service portfolio because we’ve been working with the STM publishing industry for more than 135 years and peer review is most certainly the cornerstone of scholarly publishing
— McClanahan, Vice President of Publishing Services, Cenveo Publisher Services

Customized peer review management solutions are based on each publisher’s workflows and business requirements. Peer review management is offered as a stand-alone service or integrated with Cenveo’s full-service journal production model. Dedicated staff work exclusively on peer review---maintaining deadlines, communicating with reviewers, and streamlining responses to authors. The service is bundled with regular performance reports that detail submission numbers, processing times, decision rates, and more.

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Marianne Calilhanna

Marianne is director of marketing for Cenveo Publisher Services. She started her career in editorial and production, working on STM primary and review journals. During her 28+ year career she's worked as a book editor, SGML (remember that?!) editor, and managing editor in addition to marketing-related positions. Technology, production, and people---these are just a few of her favorite things.