Mail Delivery Update - Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey

As the nation continues to recover from Hurricane Harvey (now downgraded to a Tropical Rainstorm), postal operations have been significantly impacted in the region. The USPS provides updated information here.

Cenveo's Mailing Services

Interested customers must make their own decisions as to whether to include affected mail addresses within their unprocessed mailing files. The recovery process has just begun in a few areas and the rain will continue in others for the remainder of the week. The Postal Service has not yet had ample time to access their capability to serve flooded areas or even determine whether affected addresses can even receive deliveries. It is interesting to note that the USPS is using Twitter to encourage displaced citizens to temporarily change their address as life-changing decisions are made.

During the Katrina tragedy, the USPS Address Management Center kept a separate file of addresses which were undeliverable and mailers used the list to purge their mailings. The USPS seems to be trying to get ahead this time by encouraging changes of address.

All processed mail for the affected areas is likely being held back for a few days at USPS processing centers or being held aside at a regional USPS processing site.

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Marianne Calilhanna

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