Videos in Your Journal Publishing Program?

Integrating video into a journal publishing program is not new but it's also not ubiquitous across the market. Videos can be a useful component to support an individual article while also helping authors to promote their research and publications.

The New England Journal of Medicine surveyed its authors and readers on the effectiveness of its Quick Take Videos (QTs). The survey experienced a 51% response rate from 95 authors and 411 readers who were contacted to share their views.

Of those authors who responded, 75% replied that they were very satisfied with their role in helping to create QTs. While 17% responded they were very dissatisfied with their role in helping to create QTs.

98% of authors somewhat or strongly agreed that the QT accurately summarized their article and presented it in an engaging way.

Authors shared the following reasons when asked why they use QTs.

Readers shared the following reasons as relevant for why they view QTs.

When asked “Do you believe that videos represent the abstract of the future," 84% responded yes. The answer to this question is where real value can be found for journal publishers. Particularly in a time when journal publishing strives to provide greater benefits to authors, offering video shorts of articles is most certainly beneficial.

Are you currently integrating videos in your journal publishing program? Video abstracts? Training? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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