A Publisher-Branded E-Commerce Tool for Fee Collections

An article processing charge (APC) or publication fee is a necessary requirement for most publishing programs. Cenveo's publisher-branded e-commerce tool allows the collection of fees integrated directly into your composition workflow. Our customers are experiencing 90% improved cash flow with Author Services. Eliminate delays waiting for fee collection with this full-feature user-friendly storefront to complete all transactions.

Fees Processed

  • reprints/eprints

  • memberships

  • author fees

  • OA

Features and Functionality Updates

Invoices and Transactional XML. Addition of author affiliation, grant id, funding source, funder name, license information, and ORCID ID to invoices and transaction xml.

APCs. Extended waivers processing to include APC charges.

Templates. Added new letter templates for gratis eprints to clearly distinguish them from regular reprint/eprint orders.

Security. Moved away from PayPal Payflow API to PayPal Advanced connection. Moves all financial data collection and processing away from Cenveo networks, for improved security. User interface enhancements also incorporated for this functionality change. Separation of payment processing and transactional reporting to enhance security of payment transactions.

Java8. Upgrade to Java8 update 131.

Quartz Scheduler. Upgrade to latest release of Quartz scheduler. This version allows us to manage all processes with a single tool and makes the product more reliable. It will also be easier to integrate future enhancements.

Integrations. We currently send all transactional data to some customers' marketing systems. We can build integrations to meet whatever needs our customers have (e.g., eJournal Press, etc.).

Workflow Tracking. Currently building integration with other systems to track and report on all workflows.

Coupon Codes. The current system allows the publisher to create any number of coupon codes that offers a specific dollar discount, a percentage of purchase price discount, or free permissions. Discounts can be targeted to specific email addresses only (if desired), can be made to expire by a certain date, and can be single or multiple use.

Discounts. Discounts to be offered in the future can be related to associations with external institutions (such as Wellcome Trust or affiliated societies).

Expand Payment Processing. Currently, Author Services attempts collection for 90 days following publication. It is possible to extend beyond 90 days until all fees owed are collected or written off.

Deposit Accounts. Deposit accounts allow funding institutions to deposit funds into an account that can be used to pay publication fees for authors funded by these institutions. When choosing a payment method, the author could specify an account that payments would be drawn from.


Author Services is working great! We have three new journals starting this year and we want them set up on Author Services. Going forward as we start new journals we will definitely set them up as well.

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