Apparently You Can Judge a Book's Worth by its Cover!

Deloitte recently published its "Technology, Media, & Telecommunications Predictions for 2015" and has some interesting predictions for the printed book:

  • Print will represent more than 80% of all book sales in dollars worldwide
  • As of early December 2014, print book sales were up 2% year over year
  • 92% of 18- to 29-year-old book readers in the US read in print (above the average for the population as a whole)
  • 62% of 16- to 24-year-old readers stated they prefer print over ebook because they like to collect, "like the smell," and "want full bookshelves"
  • A key value of print books appears to be their cover and covers have been shown to drive sales
“A decade on from the launch of the eReader, print will dominate book sales even in markets with high digital device penetration.”

— Deloitte - Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions 2015 (

The full report is worth reading and provides a list of references that support the statistics. The biggest takeaway is that publishers need to continue to architect and markup content so that it is easily packaged and deliverable across all outputs.

It's increasingly important to break out the content from its container and markup chunks of content in a way to improve online discoverabilty, which can then be purchased in whatever format the end user wants. One of the strengths of the ePub standard is that it includes packaging, metadata, and content as cleanly articulated components. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we are helping publishers implement ePub in their workflows. 


Mike Groth

Michael Groth is Director of Marketing at Cenveo Publisher Services, where he oversees all aspects of marketing strategy and implementation across digital, social, conference, advertising and PR channels. Mike has spent over 20 years in marketing for scholarly publishing, previously at Emerald, Ingenta, Publishers Communication Group, the New England Journal of Medicine and Wolters Kluwer. He has made the rounds at information industry events, organized conference sessions, presented at SSP, ALA, ER&L and Charleston, and blogged on topics ranging from market trends, library budgets and research impact, to emerging markets and online communities.. Twitter Handle: @mikegroth72