A Simple Lesson From Walt Disney

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Videos aid learning. Videos and animation are at the top of the elearning food chain. Whether it's within a traditional elearning course or as an independent asset, animated videos help learners visualize and understand complex concepts.

Increasingly, across all the markets we serve---journal publishers, K12 educational publishers, higher ed publishers, elearning providers, magazine publishers---all are interested in transforming complex content into animated video shorts.

Editorial credit: Alex Millauer / Shutterstock.com

Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment, which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.
— Walt Disney

Conceptualization and Production

Cenveo Publisher Services provides a blended team of creatives, editors, and technologists who transform a fuzzy vision into distinct products for use in digital publications, websites, and elearning courses. Our specialists comprise

  • instructional designers
  • subject matter experts
  • multimedia specialists
  • graphic visualizers

We work with our customers to provide the full-range of services around animation or à la carte options, including

  1. conceptualization
  2. content creation
  3. visual storyboarding
  4. art creation
  5. photo/video research and procurement
  6. permissions management
  7. audio recording
  8. animation
  9. live action shoots
  10. video editing and packaging
  11. accessibility--WCAG and Section 508 compliance

Animation Sample: SWOT Analysis

Have a look at an animated short we created to explain what a SWOT analysis is and why it's beneficial.