PreK-12 Editorial & Production

Full-service development of preK-12 products with expertise in the math, science, reading/language arts, and social studies/humanities. [learn more]

Art & Design

Graphic design services include original illustrations, redraws, image conversions, and scanning. [learn more]

eBooks & Digital

Full range of digital services, including ePub, XML/XHTML, CourseSmart, companion websites, elearning, and more. [learn more]

Project Management

Full service production services, including manuscript coordination, author management, editorial and permissions, and much more.


Higher Ed 

Full-service editorial and production team that includes instructional designers, subject matter experts, editors, and writers. [learn more]


With 700+ production technicians and layout artists, a full-range of workflows are available: XML, InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX.  [learn more]

Editorial Management

Comprehensive editorial management solutions  that include copyediting, proofreading, fact checking, indexing and more. [learn more]

Subject Matter Expertise

Post-graduate degrees required for global freelance pool and full-time editors. With 8 weeks in-depth training and onboarding.

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