National Geographic Learning: High-End ESL Production With Hybrid Workflow

Keywords: ESL, books, production, copyediting, design, composition


World Class: Expanding English Fluency is a two-level series from National Geographic Learning (a division of Cengage Learning) for high-intermediate and advanced English language learners. This integrated-skills program uses National Geographic content, images, and video to help learners expand their overall fluency while developing the tools and strategies necessary for effective, real-world communication. National Geographic Learning recognized that a streamlined workflow solution was required to develop and produce the student book, assessment, teacher guide, and corresponding digital content in a cost-effective manner.


Cenveo Publisher Services developed creative page design templates for the World Class series and a streamlined workflow process to produce final content. A large collection of corresponding photography was managed and brought into a workflow that carefully aligned images with content. ESL subject matter experts copyedited and proofread the series under the direction of a senior project manager. Cengage Learning received regular reports on content and production status.

The ESL specialists and production team at Cenveo Publisher Services were a key component of our World Class series’ success. The editorial and production staff took complete ownership of the production workflow and provided detailed reports to our team.
— Michael Burggren, Senior Director of Production, National Geographic Learning


The team at Cenveo Publisher Services implemented a hybrid workflow solution, comprising onshore and off-shore resources. Working closely, project management and production were handled in New Delhi. Editorial tasks, including copyediting and proofreading, were handled by Cenveo’s onshore subject matter experts. Pages were drafted in India and a dedicated design team in Fort Washington, PA finalized the creative page design. Cenveo’s photo research team worked closely with the design and production teams to find appropriate photos for the program. Student texts, accompanying teacher editions, and ancillaries were produced simultaneously with a hybrid workflow solution that economized on both time and costs. Utilizing the strengths of each location at the right time in the content workflow resulted in a successful series.


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