A Cloud-Based Ecosystem of Publishing Tools That Transforms the Creation and Production of Scholarly Content

Tool Overview Advantages for Authors/Editors Publishing Workflow Benefits Technical Specs Support
Smart Edit A fully automated program built with world class Pre-edit, Copyedit and Conversion features using state-of-the-art technology. Helps perform common tasks during the content creation and production process

Customization is an important feature that allows the system to accept various publisher inputs and edit the content automatically. Features include:

  • Automated Clean-up. This process identifies more than 200 different automatic clean-up opportunities which include removing unwanted double spaces and empty paragraph marks, cleaning the manuscript to remove extra tabs, extra section breaks & page breaks.
  • Auto Content Identification. Transforms content into a clean document with all paragraph styles, character styles, and references are fully identified and styled in color. Author names, affiliations, universities, cities, countries, footnotes, abstracts, keywords and year of publication are identified automatically with unbelievable speed. Headings and their levels, paragraphs, lists, equations and floating elements such as figure captions, tables (headings and text) are all identified by the system.
  • Content Normalization and Editorial Style. Application transforms the styled document into a publisher-specific styled document, making it ready for editing. Extensive style guides are carefully decoded into programmable functions. Functions are then applied in various sequences to create a document that is consistent and accurate, matching the journal-specific styles and publisher specification which include casing, punctuation, reordering of author names and references, capitalization.
  • Author Queries. Queries can be inserted to the author at any stage of editing. Renumbering of queries is done automatically. Clicking on the “view author query” tab, the copyeditor/QC can view all author queries listed on the right side of the manuscript.
  • References. Any missing references are identified by the tool and a query is inserted. Any duplicate references are identified and the second occurrence of the duplicate reference is deleted automatically. Uncited references are identified and the respective references are moved to the end of list. Any kind of reordering of references is done automatically.
  • Word Preferences. Publisher specific word preferences such as “that”/”which,” “due to”/because of,” “as”/”since”/”because,” in spite of the fact that”/”despite,” “while”/”whereas”/”although”… are highlighted for copyeditors to properly edit.

Extensibility. Smart Edit is part of a modular suite designed to produce easy customization and extensibility for publishing requirements as they emerge or when they change. Inclusion of new content items, specific content types, taxonomies, quality checks and additional output deliverables is managed through a modular customizable interface.

Authoritative Sources. The Cenveo architecture makes use of industry standard authority sources such as CrossRef and PubMed Central®,to assist with content integrity throughout the document population. In addition, Cenveo maintains internal databases of citations and institutions to provide precise, accurate and verifiable output to industry standard DTDs.

Publisher-specific flexibility. Smart Edit normalizations are based on title specific style and content requirements. Each title is set up based on the publisher requirements after extensive analysis. The development team has deep and extensive experience with structural and style requirements for STM content.

Built on the latest version of Microsoft Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2012. Hosted in SharePoint – which allows engagement with people; by sharing ideas and reinventing the way we work together.,Smart Edit is made up of several components that run together seamlessly, transforming a raw, unedited manuscript into an edited, structured, valid XML document. From this XML document, Smart Edit can automatically create a host of outputs such as PDF, HTML5, ePub, and customized XML. Expert Support.The Smart Edit Team comprises experienced analysts and developers with deep knowledge of STM content as well as publisher specific requirements. A dedicated team makes changes or updates to normalization style and output routines quickly with fluency and expertise in content creation and output.