Keep All Your Content Current!

Standards and technology evolve and your content models must keep pace.  XML tagged to support downstream products, updated JATS and other standards, as well as longtime archival needs must be part of your content strategy.  We provide comprehensive P2E and E2E conversion services, including JATS, NLM, image conversion, searchable PDFs, and publisher-specific XML.  With experienced content architects who design, develop, and customize DTDs we can ensure conversions are based on your business objectives and requirements.

Experience with Many Formats

  • DocBook

  • 508 PDF

  • DITA

  • Publisher specific

  • JATS

  • NLM


  • BITS


Your team has done a fantastic job delivering our conversion files within the standard turnaround time or adjusted target date, even with the volume we have had over the past months and file delivery delays, and we want to thank you for that diligence!