Creation, Development, and Deployment of Digital and eLearning Solutions

Our team of designers and content experts create curriculum-aligned rich media products for publishers' elearning portfolios. With experienced animation teams and instructional designers, we turn your vision into products with ideas that banish boredom. Once digital products are final, we can help with platform integration, content delivery, and testing with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS).


Animation-based concepts or interstitials with narrative explanations.

K12 sample


Higher ed sample


Game-thinking and game-design elements based on grade level curriculum goals. 



We design and produce learning simulations that instruct and adapt to individual user experience. 



Adaptive learning and interactive lessons that align content with curriculum. 

K12 sample

K12 sample

Higher ed sample

Higher ed sample


Production and delivery of eBooks with design and interactivities as required.


McGraw-Hill Education: Everyday Mathematics®: HTML5 Game Design and Development [case study]

Cenveo Publisher Services partnered with us to provide a rich portfolio of elearning products. Thousands of students in China are now learning English via interactive lessons that were designed and brought to life by the Cenveo instructional team.

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