Customized Peer Review Management Services Tailored to All Journals and Requirements

Peer review management services from a partner fluent in scholarly publishing and equipped to operate the submission, review, and approval process for journal content. We understand publishing technologies, author/editor communication, and accelerated workflows.

Offered as a stand-alone service or combined with Cenveo's full-service journal production to ensure the scientific publishing process is followed with the editorial excellence you demand.

Supported Tasks

  • file uploads for authors

  • image quality checks

  • manuscript monitoring

  • reviewer invitations and reminders

  • author reminders

  • journal email management

  • review database maintenance

  • non-technical peer review system support

  • template letter updates

  • training for editors, associate editors, and reviewers

  • manuscript check-in

  • manuscript validation and adherence to author instructions

  • article review assignment to editors

  • author, reviewer, editor, society, and publisher liason

  • preparation of accepted papers to production

  • submission assistance and questions

  • form tracking

  • reporting

Benefits Checklist

  • Reduces internal costs: staffing, training, recruitment, administrative, overhead.

  • Ensures that the scientific publishing process is followed, content-specific metadata is managed, and comments and feedback are properly managed. Fluent in the functionality and nuances of major peer review systems. We answer questions regarding changes or new features when systems are upgraded.

  • Establishes professional connection with authors, editors, reviewers, and journal staff. We represent your journal office in our interactions with your users.

  • Adheres to your journal-specific workflow, metadata, and author communication preferences.

  • Streamlines the workflow from submission to publication. Dedicated staff works exclusively on peer review---maintaining deadlines, communicating with reviewers, and streamlining responses to authors.

  • Deliver routine performance reports that detail submissions, processing times, decision rates, etc.


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