The Leading Service Provider to Scholarly Publishers With the Fastest Turnaround Times in the Industry

Full-service production management with issue-based or article-based workflows. Working with Cenveo Publisher Services translates to the right solution, at the right time, for the right price. With full-service editorial and production offices both on-shore and off-shore, we have the ability to “right-shore” a solution that best fits into a publisher’s requirements.

Record-Setting Speed

Transforming publishers' content from manuscript to designed pages in record-setting speed. With our combination of on-shore and off-shore resources using Smart Suite, shelf-time is reduced by up to 4 days.

Quality Guarantee

Custom quality control checks and validation integrates with multiple publisher-specific schematron rules. Our customers are seeing conversion error rates drop dramatically while the speed of proofs increase exponentially.

  • weekly reporting

  • dashboard and metrics

  • article tracking

  • publisher-specific KPIs

  • ISO/ISMS certified operations

  • Six Sigma project managers


On Time Delivery

In just 1 year, the average on time delivery rates have increased and positioned Cenveo Publisher Services as the preferred vendor for some of the world's leading academic and scholarly publishers.

Early Delivery

While on time delivery rates consistently average in the 99% to 100% range, early delivery rates are also increasing. The customer data depicted here represents average delivery rates during a 12-month period for various customers.

Key Performance Indicators

Over the past 2 years, Cenveo Publisher Services has increased turnaround times, while improving editorial KPIs.

You finally hammered into my skull the concept of article-based production! We finally got to prime time with that concept a few years ago. It is paying off big time now and we want to move to article-based posting online. You are the best. Thanks for showing me the way, far ahead of the rest of the folks in this game, at other publishing organizations.
— Mark Goodwin, American Physiological Society

Turnaround times, quality, and composition have improved continuously this year. We’ve been able to reduce the turnaround times in the schedule, reflecting your performance over the past 18 months. XML deliveries were good!
— Hendrik Wittkopf , Global Supplier Manager , SAGE Publications Ltd.

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