High-End Creative Solutions for Print and Digital Products

Graphic designers and creative services staff provide high-end page design or one-off image manipulations. From complex InDesign template creation to simple vector redraws, our creative team has the experience and tools to transform ideas into assets.

Graphic design services include original illustrations, redraws, image conversions, scanning, alt text, and more. Our team brings creativity to each project with a focus on communicating pedagogic concepts in a clear and concise manner. On-shore and off-shore artists with experience in traditional, technical, and medical illustration develop and create dynamic art programs that enhance content and promote learning.

Design Services

  • book design

  • infographics

  • cover design

  • template creation

  • design surveys and XML code creation

Cover Designs

High-End Interior Designs

Art Services

  • image conversions

  • scanning

  • photo manipulation and silhouetting

  • alt text

  • XMP - image metadata

  • image forensics

  • art management

  • original artwork including Charts, graphs, and other data-driven graphics

  • medical and scientific illustrations

  • illustrative art (work-for-hire)

  • photo research

  • art log creation

  • illustration redraws

Simple Illustration Samples

The following illustrations reduce the object/concept/idea they are trying to illustrate to its simplest form, as opposed to mimicking it in photo-realistic fashion.

Moderately Complex Samples

These illustrations feature detail, texture, and form to a higher degree than the simple illustrations. Consequently, these illustrations require a higher level of effort.

Complex Illustration Samples

These illustrations mimic objects/concepts/ideas as close to real life as possible. Background illustrations are rich and require significant effort to create.


Thank you so much — you did a wonderful job of implementing a complex design and creating pages!

Design Portfolio

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