An Extension of Your Publishing Team

The Publisher’s Office is designed to be an extension of the Publisher, responding to the challenges and opportunities that publishers face, and helping to lead them in advance of those challenges and opportunities. We provide product and service innovation combined with editorial and author/editor support that is essential to scholarly publishers. The Publisher’s Office is also the central location of an R&D team of Publishing Workflow Analysts (PWAs) focused on creating innovative tools that allow publishers to be on the cutting edge. From manuscript acceptance through final publication and delivery to aggregators, The Publisher’s Office provides full-service editorial/production staff.

Quality Focus

A combination of process, automation, and validation ensures engagement with new publishers or launching new journals achieve optimal production management.


With journal publishing experience across all the social, physical, and medical sciences additional specializations include

  • Searchable PDFs

  • Workflow optimization

  • Automated composition

  • subject matter experts

  • speed to publication

  • XML expertise: NLM, JATS, MathML, DocBook, BITS

Comprehensive Set-up and Preparation

The Publishing Workflow Analyst (PWA) is a key position within The Publisher’s Office. The PWA works closely with Publishers to identify and/or enhance workflows that meet the critical and ever-changing requirements needed to push journal and magazine content to market faster.

Ongoing Validation

Production and editorial managers validate samples vs. content to ensure accountability of all elements. Cenveo staff closely assess first live files to anticipate potential problems while ensuring a proactive adherence to schedule.

Business Process Management

Automation, where possible, is embedded in our workflow systems and technology to ensure consistent accuracy and speed.



You and your team are awesome! We really appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism. It’s a pleasure to work with you.