An Extension of Your Publishing Team

From acquisition to XML, The Publisher’s Office provides full-service editorial and production staff for books, journals, and magazines. With subject matter experts both on shore and off shore, we provide the right solution to fit your workflow and your budget. Discover why Cenveo is the #1 rated supplier for commercial and academic publishers alike.

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Digital Ideas That Banish Boredom

Our experienced animation teams and instructional designers, turn your vision into revenue-generating products. We convert all content to digital formats that incorporate industry standards. Experienced with 3rd-party platform integrations like Inkling Habitat. See how we produce and deliver digital products with design and interactives as required.


Transforming Ideas Into Assets

Graphic designers and creative services staff provide high-end page design or one-off image manipulations. From complex InDesign template creation to simple vector redraws, our creative team has the experience and tools to transform ideas into assets. Learn more about our page design services, original line drawings, image metadata creation, and more.


Content Accessibility For All!

Making content available to people with print disabilities has been a noble aspiration of a civilized society. Making that concept a practical reality is another matter. The challenges of accessibility remain formidable. Cenveo Publisher Services helps publishers and content organizations create accessible content. Download our white paper to know more.


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