As We Like It: When Authors' Praise Our Work

Cenveo Publisher Services works with authors who specialize in elementary education, higher education, hard sciences, research, and more. Our subject matter experts and editorial teams consistently demonstrate deep understanding of the content they edit, manage, transform, and produce.

It's something very special when authors from a comprehensive English methods text laud one of our project managers:

"Your directions are clear and very helpful.  Though we had begun to realize there was to be an 'alternate text,' we stand amazed as we had no news of this until we began to read your copy edited chapters.  I am reassured, however, now knowing what the alternative might resemble and reading your excellent rewrite that will make those alternatives work seamlessly with our text.
We had discussed your personal background because we were finding your notes and your suggested edits so wonderfully 'right.'  We had thought you must have the same love of language and literature that we do.  I could fall into a happy dance right here in my little home office reading your words and discovering that indeed you do.  Here is a bit of Shakespeare from "As You Like It' that will not put you to sleep and that mirrors my joy and gratitude in reading your message this morning."

O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful! And yet again wonderful and after that, out of all hooping.
— As You Like It: Act 3, Scene 2

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Marianne Calilhanna

Marianne is director of marketing for Cenveo Publisher Services. She started her career in editorial and production, working on STM primary and review journals. During her 28+ year career she's worked as a book editor, SGML (remember that?!) editor, and managing editor in addition to marketing-related positions. Technology, production, and people---these are just a few of her favorite things.