A Cloud-Based System of Publishing Tools That Transform the Creation and Production of Scholarly Content

Cenveo Publisher Suite is an integrated publishing system used to support journal publishers of all sizes. The modular nature of the tools and technology means the components can work separately or together to achieve accelerated workflows, continuous publication workflows, or whatever requirements your publishing organization demands. Click the images below for a close-up, system view.

Smart Edit

A pre-edit, copyedit, and conversion tool built to automate common tasks during the content creation and production process. Smart Edit comprises several components that run together seamlessly, transforming a raw, unedited manuscript into an edited, structured, valid XML document. From this XML document, Smart Edit creates a host of outputs such as PDF, HTML5, ePub, and customized XML.

Smart Compose

Automated composition engine that ingests content output from Smart Edit and generates proofs in record-setting time. Smart Compose transforms content and enables the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Based on a publisher’s requirements and the content itself, same-day turnaround is a true possibility.

Smart Proof

An online proofing and correction tool that presents composed pages via any web browser and offers an interface to update content in real time. With a Word-like look and feel authors and editors can easily make line edits and insert queries while the system maintains back-end XML.

Smart Track

Smart Track brings everything together in one easy user interface. Smart Track logs every content transaction within the workflow, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reporting and having to synchronize a myriad of spreadsheets. The module is seamlessly integrated within Cenveo Publisher Suite and automates editorial and production tasks and streamlines production workflows.


Thanks for your excellent turnaround. We received corrections from the editor after 7:00 PM yesterday, I logged in at 7:05 PM and team dispatched the files at 7:30 PM. Simply outstanding!